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Solo Travel: How To Just Go For It

A question I tirelessly researched before heading out on my own. Along with, how do you find the confidence? Will I be safe? Will I be OK? How do you eat alone? (Seriously) How to find my way out of (x) airport. (Super seriously). But truthfully the best advice should be…

Stop reading this blog post! And just do it!

If you don’t have a place in mind, find somewhere that intrigues you. It can be super local, or the other side of the world. If you have lots of ideas but can’t choose, pull a name out of a hat. If you do have a place in mind, choose how long to spend there. Then…

Book it.

Book that flight, train ticket, accommodation, return boat ticket. Cement it into reality. You’re going! Actually getting on and booking a trip is often the hardest part. You can plan and revise itineraries forever. But booking it gives you something to work towards. Now…

Plan It

OK, now you can take some time to put together a plan for what you would like to experience or see while you’re there. Use libraries, blogs, youtube videos, independent bookshops or ask friends and family for tips. Or if you’re a bit like me… you can always just wing it when you get there. You don’t need a solid plan with exact times and an exhaustive list of every single thing to do. Half the fun of travel is discovering places for yourself.

And Finally…

Pack that day bag or pack that backpack, charge that camera! You’ll never really be fully prepared. But that’s OK. You are more capable than you think. You’ll work it out as you go. A quote I needed to hear whilst dithering over making the leap. “Perfection is the enemy of finished.” Spending endless time making something perfect wastes time…

And something important to remember if you don’t feel like you’re the sort of person who can travel solo. Travel isn’t reserved for extroverted, smiley, thrill seekers. It’s for everyone, and you’ll meet like minded, friendly people who are just like you. OK seriously, stop reading now, and go, go, go!

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