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The bizness stuff

My Terms & Conditions for Content Writing.

Working with someone outside of your business can seem daunting. How exactly does it all work? It can be especially overwhelming if you’re a brand new business working with a sea of web developers, photographers, manufacturers, etc. It’s a lot to deal with! So, to keep things clear, here’s all the info you’ll need to know before we work together as client and copywriter.


I price up each project individually, as every business is unique in its needs. The total project fee will include time to research, write, proofread and edit, as well as sets of revisions if needed.

Before Starting

Before I get stuck in, I’ll need email confirmation of fee acceptance, the project proposal, and the agreed upon deadline/s. I will also require a 50% deposit of the project total to be paid before work starts.

Project Changes / Cancellations

If there are large changes to the project scope we may need to review the project proposal and increase the fee. If there is any need to cancel the project at your end, any already completed work will need to be paid for.

Formats & Revisions

I’ll send the content across within a pdf for you to review. It’ll have a title with “V1” at the end. This is so we can keep track of revisions. I kindly ask that you group together your revisions as much as possible, instead of sending lots of small notes.

Final Payment Terms

As mentioned, a 50% project deposit is required before the project begins. The remaining 50% can be completed two weeks after the project deadline has passed.

One Woman Office

I reply to all emails, create the invoices, make the tea at 11, and even clean the microwave too. My general office hours are 9-5 (that’s am-pm), and I usually have Wednesday afternoons off to hang out with my Nan. I love writing, but do occasionally take holidays! So there may be a notice on the site stating when I’m away, and if we’re working together I’ll keep you well informed of this too.