seeking nature & telling stories

I create warm and creative text content for lovely brands, and share posts and tips for nature seekers, conscious creatives and solopreneurs.

Hello there

My name’s Hannah Sweet. I’m a content writer and outdoors photographer.

With a tight focus on travel, culture, botanics, and the beauty and immeasurable value of this planet, on the blog you’ll find thoughts and actions on how we can connect with nature, and look after this World.

Work With Me

Content writing & Photography for nature oriented brands.

I love nature, and like to collaborate with brands who love it too. Whether your goal is to increase sign-ups, find clients or sell something amazing. I can create captivating copy and capture outdoorsy photos for your brand, that allow your clients to understand all that you have to offer and all that you are.

Browse By Landscape

Sometimes a certain landscape can become a firmly rooted favourite. Whether you moved to live by the coast, love escaping into the cool shadows of a forest, or diving into the blue, you can browse my posts by landscape.


10 Ways we can protect the ocean

You might feel at a loss as to what you can do to help. But you don’t need to be a marine biologist or an avid diver to play a part in protecting the reefs and oceans.


Journal Entries From The Road.

Exploring nature and becoming immersed in different cultures, forests and seas is a huge passion of mine, and I like to keep a journal! From local meadows in the UK, to pacific reefs, I update my blog with posts from where I’m working or living.