Hey! Bonjour!

My name's Hannah Sweet. I'm a creative copywriter & outdoors photographer, usually based in the UK.

Constantly inspired by nature, I spend my time crafting warm and creative text for nature oriented businesses. Inbetween, I can usually be found immersed in lavender something nature or travel related! I’m a passionate environmentalist, and love spending time outdoors photographing landscapes, wildlife and fungi.

The Journey

My marketing journey began in graphic design before I soon pointed my creativity in the direction of copywriting, an incredibly powerful medium. I gained experience, then like many who suffer from wanderlust, took to a life on the road. I dove into a world of budget travel and backpacking. Jumping into different seas, walking through forests with different bird calls and always perfecting my process.

Through travel, I began to witness some of the more severe effects of climate change firsthand. I saw bleached and fluorescing corals, heard about the devastation of increasingly powerful cyclones, found rubbish on reefs and plastic on remote shorelines. My appreciation of nature turned into a fierce want to protect it. So, I decided to channel all my marketing knowledge into supporting businesses that really value the people and ecosystems of this planet.

The Now

I turned my creative skills to help businesses and brands create mindful content that shows their value of people and the natural world. Whether a product or service that keeps sustainability in mind, or a project that helps people to connect with nature in a meaningful way.

I also create posts and stories here on Sweet Meanders too. I capture photos of my ‘meanders’ into nature, local and afar, from mountains to coastlines. I also offer insights into freelance life, and marketing pointers for conscious businesses looking for a little guidance.

Enjoy looking around!


Work With Me

Content writing & Photography for nature oriented brands.

Do you have a story to tell? I work with brands, charities and nature orientated businesses to create beautiful stories. From About pages to Product Descriptions, I can craft copy that captivates, provokes thought and emotion, and most importantly, action.