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I craft creative copy for nature oriented brands and businesses.

I love nature, and like to collaborate with brands who love it too. Whether your goal is to increase sign-ups, find clients or sell something amazing. I can create captivating copy for your brand, that allows your clients to understand all that you have to offer and all that you are.

Captivating Copy is Essential

You may have beautiful imagery, perfect branding, and a product or service which fills the most amazing niche! But without engaging copy, your website is missing the bridge which guides your customers from just browsing, to taking action.

Website copy is so much more than ‘just text’. To obtain results it needs to be crafted with thoughtful detail, with elements like SEO, audience, and goals considered throughout.

Altogether, great copy should...

Exhibit Your Value

Your values, your skills, your awareness, and the unique service or product that you offer. Everything needs to be encapsulated into a down-to-earth and honest vision of who you are and what you can offer. Your words really matter.

Connect To People

In a World of fast-paced content and online dominance, it’s never been more important to showcase real, engaging stories that are honest, clear, and able to connect to people on a human level. Inspire hope, answer a question and allow customers to see how your product or service solves their problem or need.

Increase Action

When customers feel understood, and informed, they are more likely to take action. Captivating and bright copy is the key ingredient to successful conversions and revenue.

Great copy is the bridge that turns browsing into action.

The Details

What Can I Help With?

Launching a new product? Or a compeletly new brand? Whether you’re creating text for an email, or writing messages in the sand, it’s important for your message to be clear, individual and captivating.

website pages

A Refresh or a New Website

Do your website pages need updating? Brands don’t have to be set in stone, they evolve over time, aligning themselves with the needs and values of their customers.

- About, Home, Contact Pages
- Services / Offering Page
- Landing / Pillar Pages
- Product Descriptions
- Sustainability / Ethos

blog writing

Blog Posts & Articles

Creating blog posts for your website is one of the most effective ways to bring in organic customers and provide more value for your clients and customers.

- Blog Posts Starter Package (6-12 posts)
- Blog Posts Retainer (4-12 posts monthly)
- Individual Blog Post

My Process

What To Expect, Clear & Simple

Copywriting can seem like a wild world, especially if you have never worked with a copywriter before. Read on to discover my usual project process, and find my terms and conditions here.

01. We Say Hey!

After reaching out via the contact form, I’ll ask to look at all of your amazing brand assets (website, brand guide, etc.) if your brand is... ‘brand new!’ I’ll ask for a brief overview of what the brand will be.

02. The Important Bits

We’ll discuss exactly what you need (what type of posts/pages and how many/how often). I will then be able to provide a detailed quote, timeframe, and breakdown of what I can do for you.

03. Finetuning & Green Light!

Once we have decided to forge ahead, I may send across a small questionnaire for you to complete that will give me a brilliant overview of your brand, including your target audience, etc. I’ll then outline the direction I would take (tone of voice, length, any keywords, sub-sections, etc.).

04. The Business Stuff

I’ll send across an official proposal, and before getting stuck in, I’ll ask for a 50% deposit of the project total. (For extra info, check out my terms and conditions). We’ll set up a scheduled deadline, and I’ll make a start!

05. Research

I’ll dive into a world of research. Analysing keywords, reading up on current market trends and scoping out primary and secondary competitors, and accumulating any necessary factual content. E.g. for an article.

06. The Magic Happens

I’ll put together a first draft for you to read! From there we can work forward with any amendments or changes if necessary.

...and voilà! Your clients feel happy and purchases/sign-ups/donations grow!

request copywriting

Say Hello & Let's Talk!

Let me know what you have in mind and let’s see what we can create! Companies little or large. Local or afar. I can give you some more detailed information to help you decide if you’d like to forge ahead!

    Hello There!

    I’m Hannah Sweet. A copywriter and nature loving, wanderer from the UK.

    I love unearthing the layers that make up each brand I work with, and composing copy that glows with warmth, and familiartiy.

    Crafting text to inform, communicate and inspire action takes a level of patience and detail, in understanding all that you are, and all that you need to say. My ultimate goal is to forge copy that helps you connect with your audience and convey to them the incredible offerings that you have.